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Vaibhav  Srivastava


One of the Good thing of me is to ..know more & more about the thing I like most. As

to my age and to my physical appearance ,  my hobbies  are also change.

just wanna   make u smile

* Stamp Collection          * Currency Collection       * Drawing , Sketching &  Painting          * Knowing Computer (My Crush) Deeply

* I like: girlz (hee hee hee nothing official abut it !!!! ),

mujhse dosti karoge

I don't  find my friends , the good god gave them to me "


I did my schooling from "STELLA  MARIS CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL" Sultanpur ,those
were the days, I really miss a lot . Specially my Friends ,Teachers and caring Vice
Principal Sr. Elsie  she was always there to check what I am doing , as I was one of the
student who never do's homework ,never do what is asked and always had an eye that when
any Birthday boy/girl came to give sweet to her , I use to go and take it from her table .
Many a time she had caught me doing that and many time she her self call me and give it
.That's why she has been in the sort list of my favorite teachers .

some of the favorite line which I use to say for my


"if it was for tears to be gifted

and the sorrows to be shared

why did we meet in the journey of life ?

why did you become the rhythm of my heart.....


when I see those twinkling stars ,

I feel the light in your eyes

your presence weaves magic around me

and your smile adds color to my dreams


the moon lit sky , the soothing breeze

bring your face onto my mind

I turn around only to see

the lovely flowers smiling at me


they too, like your ever green charm

bring a smile on every face

trying to forgot ,I remember you more

maybe , that is why my life is only for you.."


love is , of all passion , the strongest for it is it attacks simultaneously the head , the heart and the senses

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